The Singapore Heritage Box


Give the gift of Singapore’s Heritage.

Walking into the corner coffeeshop, affectionately called a KOPI-TIAM (local for Coffee-Shop), the smell of beans roasted with a little margarine lingers in the open air. Brewed by coating the inside of a flannel “sock” with ground coffee beans, placing it over a metal canister and pouring in hot water to filter through, the uncle then tips the thick brew into the iconic cream coloured cups with blurred green floral prints. 2Hei captures the moment in a box; all with the convenience of 2 scoops of coffee into the French Press and hot water. If you are feeling a little adventurous, try the coffee sock and discover the taste of a long long time ago…

Box includes 6 items:

  • Original Grind 200gm,
  • French Press 350ml,
  • Cup and Saucer,
  • Coffee Scoop,
  • Coffee Sock.

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Original Grind 200gm:

  • Ingredients: 100% ground coffee
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia

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Weight 2.20 kg
Dimensions 7.09 × 7.09 × 4.33 cm


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